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Accuracy at your fingertips

AccuReco is the one stop solution for businesses and tax professionals seeking a cloud-based GST Reconciliation software. Streamline your GST compliance with AccuReco's intuitive features, including HSN bulk verification and comprehensive Reconciliation reports. Say goodbye to manual processes and data entry errors. AccuReco ensures fast, accurate and hassle-free GST ITC Reconciliation tool, empowering you to focus on what matters most growing your business.

Unique Features of AccuReco


AccuReco is 100% cloud-based software, which can be accessed anytime from anywhere

Simple Steps

ITC Reconciliation in few easy steps

Few Seconds Away

ITC Reconciliation Report available in just a few seconds only

Data Secrecy Assured

No requirement of GST Portal login password, to assure 100% data secrecy

Password Freedom

No need to update GST login password in AccuReco every 120 days, as required on GST Portal

OTP Free

No requirement to enter any OTP from the taxpayer during manual upload process

Tolerance in Tax Value

Range of 'Tolerance in Tax Value' is set from ₹ 0 to ₹ 99 only. Any variation in the tax amount above ₹ 99 is not covered under the tolerance criteria

POS Mismatched Report

Separate tag available in the reports for Place of Supply (POS) Mismatched

Dual Reconciliation Reports

Both GST number wise and PAN wise Reconciliation Reports available

Separate RCM Report

Separate Reconciliation Report for Invoices, Debit Notes and Credit Notes covered under Reverse Charge Mechanism (RCM)

Reports Preservation

'Reconciliation Retrieval' tab available to preserve and download the Reconciliation Reports generated earlier

Threshold for Pattern Matching

The range for the 'Threshold for Pattern Matching' for document numbers is set from 49 to 99. Users may apply the threshold client wise, as per their discretion

E-mail Facility

Facility to send the reports generated directly to clients through e-mail

Unique ZIP File Names

Unique zip file names to make search easier after download in the local system

Red Color Marking

Separate marking for Credit Notes with (-) sign and red colour

Data Retrieval

Books File(s) and Portal File(s), already uploaded for Reconciliation can be downloaded again along with the output results, to keep the track of data. But if the user has fetched the GSTR-2B using the GSP API facility, then those portal files cannot be retrieved. Only Books File(s) can be retrieved

Comprehensive Tags

Separate tags available in the reports for Invoices, Debit Notes and Credit Notes which are Fully Matched, Partly Matched, Mismatched, Matched with Tolerance, Missing in Books and Missing in Portal

Probably Matched Tag

'Probably Matched' tag available for Invoices, Debit Notes and Credit Notes having a small variation of Date OR Invoices, Debit Notes and Credit Notes numbers, to further simplify your Reconciliation task

GSTIN-based State Identification

Identification of state from first two digits of GST number, which makes the tracking of the location of party and its branch easy and helps to follow up with the supplier. Additionally, verifying the 15th digit for checksum structure and marking any false checksums in red ensures data accuracy

Consolidated Reconciliation

Consolidated Reconciliation with Debit Notes and Credit Notes netted off against Invoices. This feature will be very useful to nullify the effect of erroneously issued Invoices by any supplier against the Debit Notes OR Credit Notes issued to correct that mistake

ITC Tracking

AccuReco provides a unique feature of 'ITC Tracking' integrated with an Excel-based tool for reconciling Brought/ Carry forward Missing Records. Users can track monthly Input Tax Credit (ITC) by filling up the 'Month & Year' column within the AccuReco Template for Inward Supplies using the MM/YYYY-YY format for the booking period. A CFO Dashboard is also provided for a quick view of the ITC

Data Upload Simplified

You can upload a consolidated Inward Supply Register for more than one tax period, corresponding to the tax period of GSTR-2B generated from the GST portal, with the help of Toggle Button provided

Impact of Amended Records

Amended records in B2BA and CDNRA tabs of the portal files will have an overriding effect over the original records, ensuring that the latest information is prioritised. This approach maintains data accuracy, system flexibility and provides real-time updation in the end result Reconciliation Report with respect to changes in data

Expanded Reconciliation Report

Three new tabs are now expanded in our Reconciliation Report. The first one, 'Value wise Matched Records', displays records matched by Value, regardless of the date and document number. The second one, 'PAN wise Matched Records', displays records matched by PAN, regardless of the state of the supplier. The third tab, 'Matched Records - Invoice Vs DN', reconciles documents with the same details, regardless of whether they are Invoices OR Debit Notes

Bulk Verification

The subscribed users of AccuReco will have an advantage to use a tool for bulk verification of HSN/SAC Codes. The information of HSN/SAC Codes do not auto populate from e-invoicing data OR e-way bill data and are to be added manually in GSTR-1/GSTR-9. Therefore, users may face validation errors for HSN/SAC Codes. To remove this difficulty, the subscribed users are provided with this tool. The users can copy the HSN/SAC Codes from Inward/Outward Supply Register and paste the same in this tool. The tool will help the users to identify the invalid HSN/SAC Codes, if any

Flexible Data Mapping

AccuReco provides 'Mapping Feature', which allows users to map both Inward Supply Register as well as GSTR-2B and Table 8A of GSTR-9 through shuffling and customizing their columns. Whenever there is any amendment in the formats of government utility of GSTR-2B and Table 8A of GSTR-9 OR change in the format of Inward Supply Register of an accounting software, our team will take some time in making necessary changes in the AccuReco. In the meanwhile, users can use this mapping feature to manually amend the format of the sheets and continue their work uninterruptedly

Inactive Party Master

The user may mark a GSTIN of the Client which is not used, as ‘Inactive’. By doing so, this particular GSTIN of the Client will not open for Reconciliation in future. This feature will help the users (especially Tax Professionals) to remove the chaos of GSTINs of the clients which are not used. The Reconciliations already generated in the past for such ‘Inactive’ GSTINs shall be preserved, as the data is stored in the ‘Reconciliation Retrieval’ tab and not in the party master

Simplify your GST compliance with free tools and cloud-based solutions

Here are the details of free tools available at Downloads
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Disclaimer: Please note that the free tools and addons are developed only with the intention to help the users and make their work easy to ensure speedy and proper compliance. The users are advised not to rely completely on these tools and are advised to cross verify the results with their workings and also take help of their Chartered Accountants / legal experts before applying the same